A Buku First

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After a Nine & half hour drive from Tampa, Fl. To New Orleans, La. We had finally arrived, It was early Thursday. The weather was beautiful, and for it being my first time in the city, it was magical. At first we stopped to load up on food before we went to our Airbnb for the weekend. After we all got settled in and ready for the night. All our friends headed over to our place and we headed out for dinner at Mulates original Cajun restaurant. There I had some of the best food I’ve ever had. The restaurant’s staff made It feel like there was a live show constantly going on which made the environment even better of an experience. After dinner and a few drinks we made our way to bourbon street, I’ve never seen an area with so many bars in one section before. It was honestly amazing to visit so many unique bars in one night, I was stunned. After having enough fun exploring bourbon street, we called It for the night and went back to rest, so we’d be ready in the morning for what was about to be another magical weekend after Okeechobee music festival.

Little did I know how much this festival would impact my view on everything. As Friday morning rolled around I got up early to run some last minute errands before we headed into the festival. Once we were all ready we made our way to the festival. Great thing about where we were staying was It was only a 20 minute walk to the venue. We arrived for the first set of the day which just so happened to be the French queen of dance music Clozee in The Float Den, which happened to be where they stored their floats for Mardi Gras which gave that stage a full on New Orleans vibe. Being able to see Clozee three times in two weeks was nothing short then amazing. The vibes she brings along with her style of music is just perfect. After her set we made our way to the one and only The Russ Liquid Test in The Ballroom. The multi-instrument playing mad man of groovy yet deep bass along with his guitarist who shreds like no other, and last but not least his drummer, the man who can keep almost any beat at any speed he’s by far one of my favorite drummers around. After The Russ Liquid Test we made our way back to The Float Den where Spag Heddy was playing. Finally I was able to see this wild man for my first time. Boy did he not disappoint one of the coolest sets of the weekend. Myself being a heavy dubstep and bass lover, I throughly enjoyed his set! After which, I set off to explore the festival before I headed to the photo pit for MGMT.

Buku had so many different genres of music popping up from every direction it’s so breath taking how immersed you are in music and music lovers all around you. During MGMT’s set I was in aw, being able to see one of your favorite artist perform for the first time ever, words truly can’t describe how happy It makes you feel. I then made my way to The Ballroom, to where the first let down of the weekend occurred. Rich The Kid x Famous Dex canceled and left the slot empty so all there fans that came for there set were very disappointed, my self included. I then checked the schedule and saw Snails was about to come on in The Float Den. I wiggled my way from The Ballroom down to the photo pit for his set. By far, one of the best Snails sets I’ve ever witnessed. You could tell he was feeling him self during his set so much heat being thrown in his set. After Snails I ran my little butt back to The Ballroom, where I witnessed my personal favorite set of the weekend. That was my boys A Day To Remember, these guys have been my idols ever since I was a little kid. I remember my first time seeing them at some hole in the wall bar at a secret hometown set back in Ocala, oh so many years ago to see them now. Not only did their set remind me why I fell in love with music but most Importantly helped myself realize a lot about myself and what my future holds. After the set I was in such a happy place with the day I was exploring the festival caught a few minutes of the Migos which was pretty turnt for the short time I saw them play. Then made my way to Virtual Self. Which I had been personally waiting for since the line up drop his opening was breath taking then due to technical difficulties his set cut out for about 15-20 minutes which sucked but the minute he came back on, he did what he does best and blew everyone away. My group happened to leave a little early to get ready for The Very Boogie Buku after party.

Boogie T’s very own party with Russ Liquid. For those who don’t know both Boogie and Russ are both from

New Orleans. So It made this show not only a very special show to both these gentlemen but to all there fans that were there. We got to the venue and just so happened to run into the man himself, Boogie T, such a genuinely guy. Once we were in the venue, the upstairs had seats for vip and then the first floor was a dance floor for everyone. The Joy Theater was such an outstandingly beautiful venue I hope to be back one day. Everyone who played from Russ to Clozee to Dirt Monkey who brought out Ganja White Night. To Boogie T and Russ Liquid playing live on the guitar and trumpet. To Eprom closing out the night. Threw down their best sets of the day. We couldn’t of asked for a better way to end the first day. I woke up day 2 wondering how the day would compare. Boy didn’t my doubts get squashed. From the minute we entered the festival and made our way to The Float Den for Jade Cicada. I was speechless from the moving dj booth on a bicycle, to renegade sets, it was all so mind blowing. Once we got to The Float Den, Jade Cicada threw down and gave me my experimental fix for the weekend and filled our soul with some amazing bass to say the least! I then made my way to Elohim, she threw down an amazing set. Every set this past weekend was mind blowing to be honest. After Elohim, we made our way to Hippie Sabotage, such a beautiful set with melodic sounds to heavy wubs. My first time seeing them too and I was in love with there set.

Next was the set my best friend and I have been waiting weeks for. Illenium’s Awake set, not only did he bring out Said The Sky and his drummer, but he also brought Dabbin out on guitar. Which was by far one of the most beautiful sets I’ve ever witnessed. From there I wandered around before going to Jai Wolf where I stumbled into The Warf stage where Green Velvet and a bunch of other hip hop and house artist were playing, like Lil Xan and the Soulselection set. For an hour and a half they were playing music from Fall Out Boy to My Chemical Romance, nostalgic bliss. At the back of the stage they had two cargo containers placed in a V shape with a giant net in between for people to relax and chill. After cuddle puddling there for a fat minute I made my way to what was suppose to be Lil Uzi Vert. Yet again another let down, he canceled too. Instead we got two Gryffin sets, who took Lil Uzi’s slot and absolutely killed his set leaving everyone with nothing but smiles and happy vibes. Towards the end of his set he brought out Illenium to play with him. The amazing thing about this was Gryffin still had is regular time slot he played as well leaving everyone mind blown again.

After that I met up with my fam and got ready for my third Bassnectar set within two weeks. Safe to say there’s a reason this mans a legend in the EDM community. His set was so mind blowing at least half the tracks he was playing were unreleased edits of some amazing music. He was able to mix in two lil Wayne edits in for example, just speechless with the set. Actually every set left everyone speechless but the set that stole the weekend away for not just my self but everyone else and was honestly the best way to end my first festival experience in New Orleans. That was the queen herself REZZ!! Words honestly can’t do her justice for how breath taking and amazing her set was from start to finish. There wasn’t a single moment she didn’t everyone in The Float Den speechless, everywhere you looked people were getting down. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Buku, I highly suggest you get the ball rolling and mark it on your calendar for next year. Single handily this festival made me fall back in love with music and show’d me why I fell in love with music in the first place. I hope everyone can one day experience this magical place in such a thriving strong city as New Orleans.



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