Who are we?

We’re a community accepting of all people to come together and enjoy the love of festivals.

What do we live by?

We are love, we spread love and we give love.

What is this site really about?

Counter Point music festival was the first time that I ever took the risk of going to a festival alone. The thought scared the living hell out of me but, it ended up being an amazing experience! The thought of going to a huge event like that in a distant town, without having a buddy to count on can be quite scary sometimes… enough to stop people from even going at all. Missing out on what could be some of the most exciting and enlightening experiences of your life because of fear is no fun! This group exists to help you find new people who are going to festivals you want to attend, so you can exchange numbers and get to know them ahead of time. An easy way to meet new people who share a passion about the same music as you and are brave enough to go on a new adventure together! Any good experience is made even better by being able to share it with someone you know! Join today, post about where you dream going, and find some new friends to join you on your journey!

Founder: Larissa- CEO (Chiefly Exuberant & Off-the-Wall)

You can see her dancing the entire festival… no exaggeration! She loves making others smile and sharing her love of life! She paints and plays music on her spare time. On her downtime at the festivals, she is most definitely chilling out in her My Festival Friends hammock gazing at the sky. Whether she’s writing poetry or planning her next adventure it’s always something exciting and new.

When your partying with Miss Larissa, you typically find yourself saying “Larissa is Happening”




Vice President, Director of Operations: Travis 

After searching for bliss through the foothills of festivals grounds, Travis has found peace through the journey of yoga. On the path to balance, he’s found comfort in the little things like camping out and dropping in the depths of writing. Being a very active member in the sports world, he spends time on the baseball diamond when he’s not searching for gems in musical melodies. As he searches for the internal bliss found only in the stillness of the soul, he’s catching every class found on the festival grounds. With just over 10 years of experience in the music festival industry, he’s been blessed to capture life essence through the rhythms and rhymes at shows like Okeechobee, Grassroots, Phish Superball, Hulaween, Earthdance, and countless others.


Travis and Larissa at the 2017 Life In Color in Miami, Fl






Yes, he’s a pink FLAMINGO. Yes, he knows how to rock the party. Yes, he always shows up VIP so he can party with the artists then he goes out to the crowd and raves it up there! He’s all about what’s cool and hip. Not Hipster, just a genuine Flamingo Rock Star. He always gives out free shirts to those who are having a good time. Carl LOVES to party, crowd surf and dance with his new Festival Friends!