Backwoods 2019!!

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There is a festival called “Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain” which is truly showing out for 2019.  Anyone who regularly attends any sort of music events would be dazzled by the lineup, and it’s relatively low price compared to many events with similar collections of artists on board.  The production value alone is enough reason to give Backwoods a chance.  They have more than established a name for themselves based on their performance in past years and progress regarding such, documented in various articles and videos, and of course by word of mouth from satisfied concert goers.  

Since 2008, as “Backwoods Bash” this festival has managed to maintain the feel of community and family, while growing in so many ways with support from countless artists and sponsors.  Emphasized in all aspects of their event, Backwoods endorses people caring for each other and the environment while providing ample resources to help the process.  This is arguably the most important factor in any event, and seems to be more than presently accounted for here, especially considering the recently changed venue has been a major part of the festival tradition as the original home of “Wakarusa”.   Needless to say this family has been dedicated to honing their craft of organizing events for a long time and will have created a magical environment for people to partake in a weekend of wholesome fun however they feel most inclined.  

There aren’t many better ways to celebrate such a fantastic scene than by curating a jaw dropping lineup.  This year the crew has brought forth a powerful and pleasing selection of musical artists whom all bring a unique and fulfilling quality to the plate of a delightful sound buffet.  Combined with unyielding levels of production it’s no surprise Backwoods kicks off the summer with a bang.  “Rezz” pumps a fistful of bass into the crowd through some industrial beats reminiscent of the deepest house dub imaginable.  “Umphrey’s Mcgee” might be one of the heaviest jam bands, with unpredictable songwriting styles delivered over complex instrumentation bordering on metal, but still carrying forth a tradition of blues and folk rock rivaling any of its peers.  “Zed’s Dead” makes a variety of electronic music for years touring and blowing minds with sounds that are not easily described but certainly contain elements of dubstep and glitch hop.  Audiences are in for a treat with such impressive headliners topping off a truly incredible supporting lineup.  

There are a wide variety of hugely popular musical artists gracing the support for Backwoods this year.  Between electronic producers, funky jam bands, and bluegrass the genres are quite intermingled and sure to bring a smile to most when confronted with such diverse beauty in sound and sight.  Bands like “Lettuce”, “Aqueous” and “the Motet” are funky jammers with emphasis on the funk, who have torn roofs off the scene so many times they don’t bother to rebuild anymore.  DJ/producers the likes of “Space Jesus”, “Eprom”, and “Peekaboo” have truly broken down barriers of sound and replaced them with electronic bass that fills ears and raises dopamine levels along with so many of their peers whom evolve with such a fast developing musical style.  This festival definitely does not skimp on the roots of any jam with bluegrass bands like “Yonder Mountain String Band”, “The Infamous Stringdusters”, and even a “Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass” performance to carry the tradition many deem the greatest of all.  “Eoto” carries a tradition of its own, crossing over EDM and live instrumentation its own curious way, the two percussionists of “The String Cheese Incident” really create a unique soundscape to groove to.  With many more artists in support of the main headliners the festival already feels more than complete.  

However, there are also numerous musical performances in the secondary support which carry very similar traits to the genres of those above, and are sure to keep the party going through their smooth cohesion.  “El Dub” is one who comes to mind looping his beats and guitar with songs that are uplifting and fun.  There is a special soundcamp titled “CounterKulture” which will be showcasing its own lineup of EDM and providing a unique space to camp for those interested.  There are so many musical artists total everyone can find sounds to enjoy.  

There are also many visual artists who shall be showing and selling their work, along with visual performers complimenting the sounds on stage.  Music is accented well by visuals and although the projectors will be fired up it’s always humbling and awe-inspiring to see someone painting by the stage, or dancing in various majestic ways be it aerial silks, fire spinning, or any variation thereof.  

Aside from entertainment, Backwoods provides workshops comprised of many different backgrounds, mainly meant for self-understanding and progressing in whatever field emphasized by the group.  For the most part all workshops at festivals are geared in some way toward fulfillment in life and satisfaction of an individual so there is only gratitude for any opportunity that festival environment gives people a chance to discover more of their inner self.  

All the collective gatherings of camps, artists, attendees, and organizers come together to create a wonderful festival culture simultaneously.  The work that goes into making an event like this happen is unfathomable, but is to be appreciated for the service it provides.  This event is a step above most.  We are blessed to partake in such especially well-polished of luxurious frivolities.  Festivals in general are many people’s dream, and Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain is a festival’s dream.  

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