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   Hold on to your slices, as you dive into a trance as Crizzly among many others, tear you away from sadness and sorrow. Bass Circus this Saturday at the Hangar in Miami is bringing something​ different to the plate. Not just pizza and foam, rather an energy that can’t be bought with any substance of sorts. After catching up with the organizers of the event at Miami Music Week, I wanted to say a few words about these guys.

   Howard W Taylor, a manager that’s breaking the barrier when it comes to showing love to his artists, has put together this little shindig. Both him and a few other companies I’ve spoke of previously​, has decided that Miami needs a change. It’s been crowded for far too long with ego mongering, and hatred amongst one another, as we all try to climb the mountains of music infamy. Howard has created the first of many events such as Bass Circus, to give everyone he knows a chance a come up. Success can be found stronger in numbers, as you have someone to hold you up when the times are tough. Howard and the crew of Hypnotic Productions are paving a way of gold and glamorous notions on that foundation. Filled with unconditional love and acceptance, they help everyone that crosses their paths on the road to riches.

Featuring artists like Audigy, Lucas Larvenz, NghtKrawler, and a multitude of talented others, there will be no shortage of sound on this serendipitous Saturday night. This I can only imagine will be the beginning to a slew of creative events such as Bass Circus. If you’re in the Miami area this weekend, this is the hot ticket item for a night to let your freak flag fly as you dance the night away. Be on the lookout as this is just the first of many events such as this.




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