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I tried for nearly a week to participate in the act of my post coverage article. Truth is, it’s taken me this long to understand what it is I took from Miami that fateful series of days and nights. I could’ve piled on the sentences to form paragraphs after paragraphs, praising the phenomenal lineup and sets. This wasn’t and isn’t that type of coverage. I needed the time to accept that something rare unfolded. Something I hope to convey here today. Maybe this will speak on my times at Miami Music Week.

Barreling down Biscayne Blvd, with the sight of musical bliss on my mind, I found something much more than just this at Miami Music Week. Scattered throughout the week like a puzzle of organized chaos, Miami hosts hundreds of events throughout the Wynwood/South Beach area. They of course create the perfect storm, combining Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Festival, and Spring Break all in a week. Needless to say that no less than half a million people gathered around for this spectacular sight. As a music journalist, there’s literally no possible way of attending every event, trust me…I tried. Reaching 25+ events in a course of a week, I found one common denominator. That one word that I can only describe as family.

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The family I speak of is that of the crew of NU Management, and the amazing team at Life in Color. I recently made the acquaintance of both teams at this year’s Life in Color in Miami. Let’s kick it off with Paul Campbell’s crew. Paul was one of the original team members of Life in Color, until he felt a calling to put together the phenomenal lineup of artists, and team members he has working with him today. Being fairly new to the management scene, he’s already started to innovate the market with the concepts of how he caters to his musicians. See, when I seen that gaze in his eyes throughout the week as he witnessed his team throwing down, it looked​ like the same sight you or I would have if you had seen say BONNIE X CLYDE, or MORTEN for the first time. Deeply rooted in the love of electronic music, he managed to throw one hell of a Miami Music Week takeover…family style.

Hosting events throughout the Wynwood area, you could’ve found the gang at an array of locations such as Ms. Cheezious for a free grilled cheese, and bangers til the cops come..which they did. It’s ok though, they were a beat away from breaking down in dance with us due to the environment the NU Crew put together. After speaking with marketing director Jaqob Mandell, he as well seemed to have his heart invested to the pulse of this humbling experience throughout the week. From Club Space and free pizza, the basement with bowling and skating, pool parties and yacht stories, they began to mimic what only looked to be a near perfect week taking place.

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Back to back sets left and right, I left my heart on the dance floor each and every night. Words fail to complete the scenic description of love that was in the air, as artist after artist poured their souls as they bled beauty through the decks and drops. This group of gifted girls and boys offered the fans at Miami Music Week something that cannot be bought with any from material goods. The price of admission is acceptance, and love for the scene itself. Of course let me not leave out the literal detail that NU Management did not ask for a cover for any of these events. The takeover was real as they captured the essence of the infamous creative Wynwood spirit splattered through the walls and corridors. I’m just thankful I was there to witness it all.

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As I turn the metaphorical page to Paul Reed and Eryk Puczek, I’d like to point out the dedication that both teams have put into the events that week. The levels of stress they undergo to make everything possible is immense. Needless to say that these guys among the production teams as well, deserve the credit of all the hard work they invested into it all. Now as I was stating the likes of Paul and Eryk, nothing less than spectacular sights were found during the course of Wednesday and Thursday’s events.

Now I can go on and on once again about Mello melting souls, and Zed’s dead dropping bass in ya face. This article isn’t about this. It’s time to give credit to one’s that make this all possible. This two individuals are innovating the industry as well, by giving music a more personal touch. Remembering their roots, they always seem to find sparks of creativity that set them aside from the rest. After speaking with Eryk that Thursday at Deadbeats goes off the Deep End at Soho Studios, he mentioned that he’s in this to bring joy and happiness to the fans.

“If you’re not in this business to make people happy, then you’re doing it wrong,”

said young Eryk amongst the thousands in attendance dancing away their worries in the world.

As these two teams of talented folks march to the beats of bliss, they’ll always continue to be successful in this world. As a writer and long time participant in the business side of the music industry, I started to lose sight of what really matters in this world. I felt the jaded scenery of this ego driven society tear away at my soul. I had direct reflections of these worries speak out in multitudes during those events, and the week’s prior. In fact Alexandra Shafran of NU Management, metaphorically​ drop kicked my life with words of wisdom. She encouraged me to head to Okeechobee, in order to root myself in that passion that sparked​ curiosity in music. It was a good thing I accepted her advice, because in those fateful days, I ran into the same crews I spent Miami Music Week with. Eventually shedding away the egotistical plots on my thoughts, as humbling whispers occurred in the forms of family and friends.

It seems that I’ve been placed together with the likes of these girls and boys because of the intentions they all seem to share. It’s that they look to hold humility, and surrender to simplistic serenity found in frequencies and family. I’m thankful I spent ticks and tocks, with bass drops, world’s rocked, surrounded by family around the clock. Thank you NU Management and the two members mentioned from Life in Color for giving this lad a chance to regain sparks of creativity within for this dance we dance between us and cosmic fates surrounded by speakers and space.

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