Behind Miami Music Week

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I tried for nearly a week to participate in the act of my post coverage article. Truth is, it’s taken me this long to understand what it is I took from Miami that fateful series of days and nights. I … Continued

300 Best Festivals on Earth, by Everfest & Fest 300

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Today Everfest and Fest300 revealed their yearly Fest300 List, a collection of the 300 best festivals from around the world chosen by Fest300 Co-Founder and Burning Man board member Chip Conley, alongside Everfest’s wide community of members. The diverse 2017 list highlights festivals centered around yoga, music, … Continued

The Light Beings Community

At this past Zen Awakening Festival Travis Ferkich of My Festival Friends got a wonderful opportunity to interview with community founder, Kevin Walton of the Light Beings Community.     Kevin from the Light Beings Community at Zen Awakening Festival … Continued

DJ Nitti Gritti Interview at LIC Miami

Up and coming artist Nitti Gritti blew us away both on stage and in our exclusive Rise Up Segment interview back in January, at Life In Color Miami’s 10 Year anniversary Music Festival.   Travis, the Blissful Traveler, of My … Continued