The Evolved Life in Color Miami Experience!

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A constant dazzling and jumping array of smoky bars of light and lasers streak across the sky as we romp across the wet earth, clad in Love signs and paint, dressed to the “T” to bring the party and peace, we approached the main stage as Jack Ü pounded its driving rhythmic energy into the piling dirt beneath our feet. The crowd’s energy was palpable as we breached the outer rim of dancers, too overwhelmed to forage deeper into the pit of riots. The crowd concentrated as we reach the nucleus. It was at this point, as Zed’s Dead and Hunter Siegel’s “LOUD” dropped heavy and hard, that our mission was clear: get to the front! After many explosions of paint and near moshpit initiations, we arrived toe-to-toe with the men themselves, at the foot of the monumental pedestal dedicated to this historyless powerhouse of musical genres. And we showed the fuck up.


We had so much fun promoting and meeting all you new Festival Friends. There are almost 100 of you that got our shirts! Hopefully, we got pictures with most of you too. If you happened to be one of those beautiful people that got our shirt, go to our facebook and post your photos! We would love to see you again, and feature those pictures on our page. We also had the honor and opportunity to, ONCE AGAIN, give away a free pair of tickets. Yeriel Fortunato! Congratulations man, we hope you had a blast. Hopefully next time we’ll have the honor of your presence in our party too!


I’m telling you, for a smaller event (comparatively speaking to other big name festivals we’ve attended), the event organizers did a wonderful job bringing an atmosphere with it’s own attitude. From giant domed art structures with swirling flames to heat space, to the MASSIVE Lion-Head shaped stage, with the DJ booth in it’s mouth, LIC really brought everything it needed to stamp it’s personality into the experience of everyone that was wise enough to buy a ticket. There were even meditation teepees with guides! The most interesting thing I found at Life in Color was the Confession Wall. A giant red wall, flat with a matte surface, equipped with big squares of paper and markers stood smack dab in the middle of the venue grounds. This wall provided the opportunity for every participant to practice a mindset of letting our darknesses go, by writing them down anonymously and letting the world see. It’s a practice in accepting one’s self, that many people struggle with today. The most impressive sentiment in Life in Color was it’s Main Stage VIP, a young boy who was battling stage 4 cancer. The MC took the time to slow down the show, and spare a little love and appreciation for the boy who was so brave, day in and day out, fighting for his life. They took it as an opportunity to share with the crowd the notion of appreciation for life, and each other, and the struggles we face each and every day. Thumbs up, Life in Color.




As a reminder, know what you can and can’t bring into the event. You can’t bring in water in any shape or form. But once again, resourcefulness is key. You’re allowed to bring in camelbacks or empty bottles. Water is $5.00 and the beer is $10.00!! Highway robbery on Florida’s Turnpike, if you ask me!


Parking was pretty steep. $25 steep (I think that came to 25% of the ticket cost to the event). The good thing about that location though, is that if you’re resourceful enough, you can find a big public parking lot to park in for free, like Wal-Mart. BE WARNED! There is no re-entry, so if you leave, you can’t get back in. Keep an eye out for the cars that remain parked in the same spot on the street for long periods of time. They could be police waiting for you to park in a private spot or for you to do something else stupid.


We did find an opportunity for improvement with Life in Color: It’s the color. It rained in Miami for most of the morning, and the ground had become a 3 inch muddy, sopping, mess. I ended with hardly any color on me. I became a giant, black and white, walking figure of dried sweat salt. I felt like a giant booger. I can’t blame the organizers for the weather though. Florida is unforgiving with the rain. You never know when it’s gonna sprinkle, rain or DOWNPOUR. But there could’ve been way more paint. I could count the paint stains on my shirt when i went to do laundry.  I must say that the mud ended up being a lot of fun when we finally surrendered to it. Trying to shuffle and dance in it, flinging it every which way, and people jumping in to join you in violent joy was really, REALLY fun. I met a lot of cool people that way too.


Here at My Festival Friends, we’ve come to the consensus that this is a great event to kick loose and dance your face off for a night of messy fun. People 16-22 years of age will especially love the atmosphere and people you’ll find there. Life in Color has come a long way in the short 2 years of my attendance. They’ve made a full evolution, from a big wet concert with paint, into a more nuanced experience of positivity and personality, with awesome music to boot. It’s a night of lost inhibitions and wild possibilities, packed into a 12 hour paint party with amazing artists to drive your dancing fancy. They even give you time for heart-space. :]


How was our Festival Friend’s experience? Message us with a story of something awesome or amazing that happened to you!


Special thanks to Paul from SFX Entertainment for making our mission and giveaways such a success. We couldn’t have done it without you.





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