300 Best Festivals on Earth, by Everfest & Fest 300

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Today Everfest and Fest300 revealed their yearly Fest300 List, a collection of the 300 best festivals from around the world chosen by Fest300 Co-Founder and Burning Man board member Chip Conley, alongside Everfest’s wide community of members. The diverse 2017 list highlights festivals centered around yoga, music, film, and visual arts, and features new festivals and locations such as Australia (Chi Wow Wah Town), Romania (Electric Castle), and Indonesia (Djakarta Warehouse Project).

The list began in November as a crowdsource campaign where Fest300 nominated 150 festivals, then let their community vote on existing nominees and nominate their own, explains Fest300’s Global Curator Eamon Armstrong. Today, Everfest (who partnered with Fest300 last year) has half a million users and offers it’s premium members exclusive perks such as VIP upgrades and meet and greets, and discounts on ticket, food, and merchandise purchases at festivals around the world.

The future of Fest300 and Everfest’s partnership is bring, CEO Jay Manickam says,

 “We’re thrilled to have the Fest300 team on board to help make the world a little more festive. Their thought leadership is a pillar of the community we are building together, and Everfest Premium is the next evolutionary step towards that goal. We want to elevate the festival experience and truly meld it with our fans passions and curiosities to enable all of us to discover and attend one more festival a year”.

To check out the list of the 300 best festivals from around the world, and to start planning your next once in a lifetime adventure, check out the complete list here.



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