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To VIP or not to VIP
Started by Emperor JenniferW 3 years ago
What are your thoughts on going VIP to festivals and events? Do you prefer it? Does it matter?

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Peasant Larissa replied 3 years ago...

I've done both so far and honestly I loved each experience! When I've gone VIP, I enjoyed not waiting in line to use the showers at Counterpoint. The VIP bathrooms were cleaner and there was never a wait. The downside was that my new friends I made there couldn't party with me in the VIP section. I ended up spending most if not all my time in general admission.

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Peasant DJ DaBrod replied 3 years ago...

Def V.I.P. The experience is better.. for reasons of, lounge, cleaner bathrooms, services provided.. It also gives you the freedom to roam about and go back if ya want..

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Peasant Dustin replied 3 years ago...

VIP at TW2013 was a complete waste of time. I mean, unless you want to stand around with awkward douche bags. Not my thing personally

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