LIC 10 Year Review

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Dripping in bliss as the cannons fire yet another  round of life in the form of colors, humanity is reborn in the form of bangers and bass drops. Life in Color this year offered an oh so special type of feeling. I found myself caught between the paint dripping moments in time, as my love grew increasingly deep, tranced away in melodic rhythms. 



Hosted at Mana Wynwood, a slice of artistic heaven, attendees of this festival got the chance to hold space together in a more intimate vibe. As I rushed through the gates, thoughts of music memories paced my mind. Beginning to look around the concrete canvas, Nitti Gritti blessed us with an unbelievable opening set that caught the attention of many eager souls. My cares rushed away, as I found myself staring into the sights of joy brought by waves of transcending frequencies of Bonnie x Clyde throughout the mid-day festivities. There was no doubt about what Life in Color brought to the table with the rising talent in this industry. 


Surveying each set, the energy of the crowd continued to grow ecstatic, as they were sprayed with salines of serenity in the form paint showers. As the day continue to blossom, so did the friendships my kind souls mimicking this act. As a festival attendee for close to 10 years, events such as this, were the beginning chapters of a few love stories in my life. As I hope for it, I witnessed the welcoming of open hearts and arms in the crowds of many dub tribes and house heads. The cold weather didn’t seem to deter eager individuals that rode a musical wave, as they were drenched in paint. 


Meanwhile in the Loud room, shredding sound waves from AudigyXplicid, and Xander, kept the crowds in a fiend like frenzy. As the anticipation grew between each set, so did the audience as the attendance records soared at this sold out event. Bouncing to and fro from stage to stage, I enjoyed participating in the little activities like the writing memories on a mural. Delicious food and beverages from Swarm Events, filled us with fuel to fire the soul as we witnessed music in the making.


The night raged on the Rare stage with first LIC performances from Blunts and Blondes. He brought bangers that bumped away the bullshit in your day to day, just swaying and vibing away. Top tracks from acts like Carnage, Desiigner, and Ookay, continued fulfilling the cravings of music hungry festival friends. Although Young Thug wasn’t able to perform, this didn’t stop the party in the slightest, although was sadly missed by this writer. 


As the night came to a close, appearances from Seven LionsMarsmello, and Diplo created sweet treats of ear candy, as we said farewell to the 10 year anniversary of Life in Color Miami. I’d like to say a big thanks to SFX Entertainment, and the original founders of this event. These four guys laid it all on the line, their education, their futures, to bring us a place for us to get away from all this nonsense going on in the world. A space free of judgement, so you’re able to feel at home as you rage away to your favorite artists.


I also wanted to take the time now to say past all the music and memories, I witnessed the growth of so many wonderful people. Conscious topics were discussed through the thoughts of intellectual settings. I realize the stigma of events such as this are noted only as a place to party, but I seen beyond the walls of falsely constructed idea. Throughout my entire journey there, open minded millennials shared space about the reasoning behind the purpose of their presence there that day. Life in Color this year, gave many the opportunities to shed insecurities and ego, only to find a newer higher self emerge. I’ll never forget what I witnessed on that synchronistic series of seconds that brought me closer to so many amazing people.




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