Ten Year Journey of Life In Color

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Four friends chased their dreams, finding themselves 10 years later, blissed out beyond belief. Between Sebastian Solano, Paul Campbell, Lukasz Tracz, and Patryk Tracz, an idea was born.They’ve given us a chance to find ourselves caught between the paint drips and bass drops. Life in Color over these past years has become a staple on the festival goers to do list. Since the beginning, back when it was Dayglow, their only goal in mind was to offer an experience unlike any other. In the progressing years after being mentored by Disco Donnie, the world’s largest paint parties started attracting both artists and attendees all over the world.




Reaching 25 countries after joining SFX in 2012, these four guys had everything they could ever hoped for. This 10 year anniversary will be a special kind of spectacular with returning artists like Diplo, and new LIC family like Young Thug. Magical moments will light up our lives with love being handed out at the door, through melodies and handfuls of paint coloring our existence.


Dropping down the barrels of bliss, aiming the sights towards a truly unique feeling. These four went after their dreams, and accomplished them. As a writer and promoter, I’d like the viewers of My Festival Friends to know that achieving your goals is possible. Much like any successful idea, they decided that nothing else would get in the way of what brought them joy. Dropping out of FSU, they went on the road to every college in the state of Florida, selling out arenas, and offering people a chance to see what happens when you won’t take no for an answer.

LIC Top Press Miami-75

After getting the idea from a fraternity themed paint event, they seen potential in what others looked as just a house party. Never really wondering what the future had in store, Dayglow was born and took form on tour. With each year, they brought more to the table, while maintaining a humble perspective. Knowing that they were a bit over their heads at the beginning, they took the advice of seasoned veterans that continued to one up their events. Showing the patience and the outstanding quality of not holding money motives, they waited to develop their dream before bringing a heavy hitter into the mix.


Due to the simple idea of paint parties and love of house music, Dayglow transformed into Life in Color; The world’s largest paint party. Catching the eyes of your house heads to dub tribes, Life in Color offered love and good vibes. There’s no arguments that what this event presents, is something that breaks away from your average fest. With the 10 year anniversary just 2 weeks away, I can say that I’m not the only one counting down the minutes.


If this is your first time attending LIC Miami, you’re in for a treat. Hosted at Mana Wynwood rather than Sun Life Stadium this year, the producers I believe wanted to offer the attendees an opportunity to see how it all began. In my opinion, smaller venues give off more of an intimate vibe. Which leads to a more unique feeling, rather than the bigger festivals hosted in stadiums and giant campgrounds. So I look forward to seeing what unfolds during the course of the night.


Wrapping this article up, I want everyone to know that an event of this magnitude does take a lot of planning in place. Be thankful for people that would drop their entire lives and education to lay it on the line, to give us something this special. These four guys had the willpower of an immaculate condition, looking past the doubts and uncertainties. All it takes is a dream, the intention to make it a reality, and a relentless relationship with success within yourself. Dreams do come true..Just remember this as you walk through the gates of LIC Miami this year. Who knows, that fateful day may begin the chapters of your lifelong journey towards the pursuit of happiness.






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