Nitti Gritti Reunion

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DJ Nitti Gritti took the stage Saturday night (1/27) at Jupiter Hall in Albany, New York. We got the chance to sit down with him again before his set and hear a little bit about what the last year has held for him.



Most artists, when performing at a venue, will request something in their dressing room, like booze, but Nitti Gritti asks for something a little different. He is an avid Lego collector, and receives a new set to build each show. This time, the set consisted of the Batman characters and a DJ set! Ricky added this was the first DJ-related set he has received and was really excited about it.



This show was special. If you thought Saturday mornings were great as a kid, imagine what it would be like to transform that feeling into a Saturday Night as a young adult. Ricky currently lives in Miami, but most of his cousins live in Philadelphia, and they all came out to see him perform Saturday night. Before the set, we all hung out backstage and played some pool, and soon it was time for Ricky’s set.




His family joined him on stage, eventually breaking out bottles of champagne to spray all over the riled-up audience. A few classic throwbacks were sampled in the tracks, and knowing that the family, who all grew up together, were reunited really added a sense of nostalgia to the set and aided in the atmosphere. It was impossible not to see the ear-to-ear grins on everyones faces as they screamed along to the words of “Jump On It.”





MyFestivalFriends guest Steph Eddy and her friend, Lenny, hooped and danced the night away on stage, bringing even more of the 90’s/modern blend vibe going on. Ricky was even wearing a sweater with that 90’s drink cup pattern on it (I know you all know what I’m talking about)! You could feel everyone was genuinely having fun with the set and each other. The crowd was energized, and so was everyone that stepped foot on stage that night.



This year is going to be an epic release year for Nitti Gritti, so be sure to be on the lookout for when he drops his new music. Get out to see one of his shows if you can! He invites a passionate and fun setting guaranteed to make you dance and smile. What makes it work for Nitti Gritti is his true, honest love to play and make music. It’s this attitude that makes me see him going far in the industry.








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