NU Management, a NU way to Manage

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For all the viewers that look upon the rantings and ravings of my obscure sights into this music world, I’ve been quite consistent on the topic of Nu Management. Much like the murmured voices of a mad man, I’ve witnessed the empty promises, and half baked dreams of many. Ignorance and ignoble behavior follow suit, when I witness this dog eat dog world unfold as patterns are formed. What I whisper willingly into this poetically drawn up microphone I call a keyboard, is that I notice the selfish motives of most in this society. I’m​ fed up, as I’ve become unhinged, breaking down doors of this bullshit people feed one another, as they look for their own come up. 


As I refer back to Nu Management, and my ongoing pursuit of creative direction with these folks. It’s that they are here to break the chains of habit for management and event production. Gazing upon what was clearly evident at Miami Music Week, Paul Campbell has seem to set the trend many will have to follow. Emerging from a stellar reputation bringing​ us ingenious ideals found in paint cannons and Life In Colors, he’s stepped into the management scene.


A humble savage, he’s ripped away the illusory veils in​ tales of false hopes to aspiring artists. Paving the metaphorical yellow brick road of sold out shows and simple serenity, he’s making EDM great again one day at a time. Trump if this digital footprint reaches your front door step, contact the NU crew for a few pointers mate.


Now let’s read between my flowery flows and catchy rhymes, WE GOIN IN this time. Details on this crew’s inner workings are a must in order for others to follow suit. Right from 21 jump street, build yourself a stellar ship of rad lads and ladies. You’ll need these fellas & femmes to navigate, as you sail into the shores of shallow minds and shortcomings found in the majority of music. A strong foundation is always the beginning to a successful anything in this willowed world of rhymes. 


First mate Corynne Burrows standing at the helm, steers this group, as Captain Campbell communicates coordinates in the storms of sound. This girl means business ladies and gents. She rages harder, and works smarter than most do in this work world. Alexandra Shafran is the voice of this vessel, as she runs the world in the PR department. Persistent and diligence is the backbone of her work ethic, as you see the Nu Crew’s working and dealings across the globe.


Artist manager Shaq Millington, keeps the peace when it comes to whatever’s clever for each of the Nu roster’s DJs. Hustle and dedication are a few adjectives that can be a description of this young man’s dealings. Jaqob Mandell is the renaissance man of it all. Titled as the man in marketing, I’ve seen the fierce fella tackle every aspect on the squad with relentless intentions. Dedication is the definition I’d describe this gentleman.


Paul and Shaq
Paul and Shaq


The heartbeat of bliss in this mix is Paul Campbell. As he rises with sun each morning inhaling EDM, the gentle exhales resembles innovation and inspiration. Witnessing what this man is capable of, I’m thankful to have had the pleasure to work with him thus far. The tenure alone on the team, makes big name artists like Morten and Paris Blohm, paddle up and ride the wave, charging the music industry fiercely. Carving and shredding, sharks in the water are dreading, as this squad makes headway each day.




Now let’s break away from the sonnets and songs of praise I’m blessed to say, steering your thoughts to the atmosphere they bring. Imagine a world where you can bring the everyday family feelings, into a debauchery of bass drops. Nu Crew brings this unique experience found only in your greatest feelings of joy and excitement. Ecstasy spills out in speakers, as candy corn and rainbows fill the room. Yes I just made a unicorn reference, because of the presence they bring with unreal ideas manifesting into reality.


Some examples could include raging away at The Basement, bowling to BONNIE X CLYDE’s bass numbing agents. I mean seriously bowling and bass?!? What about grilled​ cheese and bangers til your eyes bleed? Intimate vibe tribes of pool parties and yacht rides. Nitti Gritti, Blohm, and Nonsens dropping massive heart pumping b2b tracks, until you’ve​ let go and relax. What else do you want out of life, but a chance at acceptance and unconditional love found in frequencies? What about surprise sets from Triarchy destroying the ideas of a musical hierarchy? A chance to witness Morten melting minds as you munching on mouth watering pizza? Nu Management takes the average ideas of a show, smashing them with success as they cater to ideals of next level thinking.





As someone that sits in the stillness of simplicity and truth, I speak on what I saw. I’ve​ been a spectator to bliss, beats, and best of friends breaking through barriers of this outdated idea I’ve come to view at times. We’ve come to a point in this scene where killer lineups aren’t just going to cut it anymore. It’s time to bring back the love, past the drugs and ego we’ve come to accustomed to. Drop this idea where Twitter feeds are flooded with hate​ on any given artist’s latest track. This scene isn’t meant to be this way. The team at Nu Management have looked ahead to the future, in the hopes to offer something spectacular each and every moment you’re a part of their plot. Others will file in line, as they head the herd into the next step in events and management. As they merge world’s for pleasure and enjoyment, I can only hope to be write about it every step of the way.





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