Planning to be at Okeechobee Music Festival

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Alright guys, were back again with less than fifty days till the portal opens to what I call home. If you haven’t heard of Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, let me just start with from the minute you enter the grounds from the road. You’re flooded with such a feeling of happiness and freedom, that you know you’ve made it home. So, This is the third year of Okeechobee. With that being said I’ve personally been to both years before, being one of the Okee Pioneers. I’ve come to terms that this is one of the newest and most unique multi genre music festivals you’ll ever be able to encounter in your lifetime. Not only do they continue to blow, not just my mind but everyone’s mind with everything from productions to art installations to performers and artist alike. With that being said, each year they have brought so many different acts from Kings Of Leon to Kendrick Lamar to the man, the myth, the legend BASSNECTAR. Not only is this amazing human being playing for his third year in a row, he’s also blessing everyone at Okeechobee with two completely different sets, one of which will be at the full moon set on aqua-chobee. This is going to be by far one of the best sets of the weekend, your surely not going to want to miss this thats for sure!
After last year with the introduction of Incendiary stage and all of the other different smaller stages i can only imagine what the creators have in mind for this year. Not to mention, all of the amazing vendors and food vendors. I wait all year just to tackle as many food vendors as I can when I go to Okeechobee. The lineup this is year is probably hands down one of my favorites to date. Why? Well you have artist from every spectrum you could think of, from Tipper and Zeds Dead to Snoop Dogg doing the pow wow with special guests (I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU DO NOT MISS THIS). To having Travis Scott and Foster The People to just name a few. The line up is so diverse that doesn’t matter what your into your going to have an amazing time. Okeechobee has a little something for everyone whether it’s yoga and meditation workshops to the tea lounge or even all of the hammock areas, you’ll always find yourself in a comfortable spot to enjoy any and every part of your journey through the portal.



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