The Hammock VIP Life!

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Most recently I went to the Catskill Chill festival in Upstate New York. Where I quickly realized that the Catskill Chill was the chillest festival… Ever! It was most definitely held in a wonderful location with camping, and the main stage, on the water. Farewell to Camp Minglewood… As the festival advertised that they would be relocating to a new location next year. I hope their new location provides a similar feeling but more adapting their ever growing crowd. Well, how exactly are hammocks related to VIP?

Enjoying the view from my Sluice hammock!
Enjoying the view from my Sluice hammock!


Location. Location. Location…

of your hammock! Sluice hammocks set us up with 2 American made hammocks. We hung them in the back of the main stage from rafter to rafter. We had the view of the pond to our right and the stage in front of us. What a spectacular sight, feeling and overall experience. The VIP section was on the left side of the venue and included catered entrees for those who purchased that package. However, our hammocks had a better view and were a cozy lounging spot to chill!



Hammocks are just perfect.

If theres no tree, look for a rafter!


On a serious note, hammocks are a privilege and need to be treated as just that. It is not festival acceptable to crawl over other peoples hammocks, or to jump off of someones hammock. Especially NO to swinging in a hammock using a lot of force. You will get kicked out and it won’t be pretty if your hammock breaks before you get kicked out. I have experienced watching such a story as someone was swinging so hard their strap was rubbing on a pole and you could literally see it fraying. After feeling her shoe hit me numerous times as she hastily was swinging, she finally left the venue on account she was kicked out for dangerously swinging. Just one person can ruin it for the rest of us. We all like to have our private space and comfort… so please don’t ruin our hammock time.


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