Your Festival Family:

Founder: Larissa: CEO (Chiefly Exuberant & Off-the-Wall)

You can see her dancing the entire festival… no exaggeration! She loves making others smile and sharing her love of life! She paints and plays music on her spare time. On her downtime at the festivals, she is most definitely chilling out in her My Festival Friends hammock gazing at the sky. Whether she’s writing poetry or planning her next adventure it’s always something exciting and new.

When your partying with Miss Larissa, you typically find yourself saying “Larissa is Happening”




Vice President, Director of Operations: Travis 

After searching for bliss through the foothills of festivals grounds, Travis has found peace through the journey of yoga. On the path to balance, he’s found comfort in the little things like camping out and dropping in the depths of writing. Being a very active member in the sports world, he spends time on the baseball diamond when he’s not searching for gems in musical melodies. As he searches for the internal bliss found only in the stillness of the soul, he’s catching every class found on the festival grounds. With just over 10 years of experience in the music festival industry, he’s been blessed to capture life essence through the rhythms and rhymes at shows like Okeechobee, Grassroots, Phish Superball, Hulaween, Earthdance, and countless others.






Photographer, Andrew Camel

Andrew Camel is a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Miami, Fl. His passion for photography began when he was about 12 years old, he started like most of us did, he would try and photograph as much as he could, whether it be Andrew hanging with his friends, or just going outside and shoot anything that he would find interesting. Growing up he used to volunteer at a local church, but this wasn’t no ordinary church. This church is what you would consider a MEGA church. We’re talking about thousands of people per service, where they would organize massive crusades around the world, host local conferences in arenas, I mean you name it. So he was privileged enough to be able to part take into these events as part of the media team. Seven years into his dedication to the media team at his local church, he decided to open up his own media company at the age of 15. He’s had the pleasure of traveling quite frequently, shot numerous artists, celebrities, meeting a lot of wonderful people along the way. What really drives Andrew though, is the smiles he can put on people’s faces every time he shows them a picture. Every chance he gets to pick up a camera, he becomes a story teller. He gets to capture moments that will create memories forever, and that is something I will never take for granted. Andrew now looks to spend his days and nights, inside and out of a festival. Capturing smiling faces, and freezing time one shutter click away.


Photographer, Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown is a 22 year old college student majoring in Hospitality and Tourism, with minors in PR and Advertising. She commutes back and forth between Tampa, Fl and Grand Rapids, MI, living her life one show at a time. As she’s quite the globe trotter, Alexis started her own travel blog last year. Her passion really seems to be festival and concert photography, as she naturally finds the photo pit and stage to be like a 2nd home to her.




Photographer, Efrain Cuessy

His name is Efrain Cuessy, a 17 year old LA-Based photographer just looking for happiness between the stage and barricades. Despite his age, he’s defied all reason by chasing his dream while chasing straight A’s. Efrain has already had the opportunity to shoot for major headliners such as ZHU, Hippie Sabotage, MADEINTYO, as he also builds his portfolio in the concert and festival grounds. His belief is that skill can never be measured by age, it can only be measured by effort. Coming off his 3rd straight year at Bonanza Campout in Heber City, Utah. He had the pleasure of capturing artists such as Halsey, Wiz Khalifa, and Snakehips. Keep an eye out for Efrain as he’s paving the way for young photographers around the world. His drive will continue to lead him down the road of sold out shows and long nights one shot at a time.





Yes he’s a pink FLAMINGO. He knows how to rock the party. He usually shows up VIP Press so he can party with the artists then he goes out to the crowd and raves it up there! He’s all about what’s cool and hip. Not Hipster. He always gives out free shirts to those who are having a good time. Carl LOVES to party, crowd surf and dance with new people all the time!