Your Festival Family:

Founder: Larissa: CEO (Chiefly Exuberant & Off-the-Wall)

You can see her dancing the entire festival… no exaggeration! She loves making others smile and sharing her love of life! She paints and plays music on her spare time. On her downtime at the festivals, she is most definitely chilling out in her My Festival Friends hammock gazing at the sky. Whether she’s writing poetry or planning her next adventure it’s always something exciting and new.

When your partying with Miss Larissa, you typically find yourself saying “Larissa is Happening”




Vice President, Director of Operations: Travis 

After searching for bliss through the foothills of festivals grounds, Travis has found peace through the journey of yoga. On the path to balance, he’s found comfort in the little things like camping out and dropping in the depths of writing. Being a very active member in the sports world, he spends time on the baseball diamond when he’s not searching for gems in musical melodies. As he searches for the internal bliss found only in the stillness of the soul, he’s catching every class found on the festival grounds. With just over 10 years of experience in the music festival industry, he’s been blessed to capture life essence through the rhythms and rhymes at shows like Okeechobee, Grassroots, Phish Superball, Hulaween, Earthdance, and countless others.


travis – Version 2




Head of Photography: Jay Nicholas 

Growing up, Jay always had a camera in his hands; from family vacations and summer camps to shooting for his high school yearbook, photography has always been his passion. A self-taught photographer with a degree in journalism from West Virginia University, his work reflects his personality in many ways. While his primary focus is concert and festival photography, he has shot multiple events, ranging from parties and ceremonies, to private functions and collegiate sports. For the last six years, he has worked in sports television broadcasting as a video engineer and production assistant for multiple networks. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his girlfriend Jess and chihuahua, CeeCee. His personal interests include traveling, biking, kayaking, live music, and professional baseball.




Head of Videography: Mickey Laidler

When an artist or individual thinks of a creative way to display their vision nonetheless will they look to Mick Laidler to bring that to fruition. In the visual scene for more than 4 years and filming artists such as Borgeous, Herobust, Yultron, 50 Cent, & Lost Kings just to name a few; he prizes his work in creating pieces of art that display videography from an audio driven and storytold perspective. Native to Central Florida; he enjoys making music, snowboarding, and capturing content anyway possible.




Editor in Chief: Meagen Surowiecki 





Yes he’s a pink FLAMINGO. He knows how to rock the party. He usually shows up VIP Press so he can party with the artists then he goes out to the crowd and raves it up there! He’s all about what’s cool and hip. Not Hipster. He always gives out free shirts to those who are having a good time. Carl LOVES to party, crowd surf and dance with new people all the time!