What it means to be a Festival Friend

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What exactly is a festival friend?

You look at all the pictures and see smiles of joy through the bubbles that you’re now convinced are being farm raised on festival grounds these days. You watch the YouTube videos over memorized by the people. Life size ice cream cones dancing everywhere, a Noah’s Ark of animals, people doing “stupid human tricks” so awesome even David Letterman’s would be amazed, and you think to yourself what exactly is a festival friend.
Your loving family! This may sound slightly far fetched but once you’ve experienced a festival you will understand fully why we call our fellow festival attendees family. This rapidly growing group consists of people from all walks of life. Race, religion, career, sexual orientation, and the likes do not matter when we have our festivals a.k.a. family reunions. When People say “we all love you here” they truly mean it. If you want to see for yourself take a minute and look around at your next event. Where else are you going to see the love between a purple unicorn in sequin shoes and Spider-Man and his light up cape? Maybe occasionally in the isles of Wal-Mart at 4am but otherwise nowhere. Now that’s true love right there.


More than just music

Yes, we go to see our favorite artist. We bite our nails waiting for the lineup to come out (and for the complaining about the lineup to begin). Lineup arguments in the taken way to seriously Facebook world aside these events have grown into such massive gatherings that it’s hard to not see that it is more than just music. Festivals are togetherness, family, love and peace. Everyone does this for his or her own reasons. Some more personal than others but, the belief we all share is we are exactly where were supposed to be, home. That belief makes us want to be better versions of ourselves. The fact that those better versions include an excuse for pink hair and ridiculousness is just an added bonus.


Escape to our happy place
Festivals are an escape from reality into a world where you can feel love all around you. I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not talking about the “let’s give everyone creepy inappropriate hugs” love that comes around from time to time usually in a tank top with a completely unoriginal comment on it letting everyone know about their bedroom activities. I’m referring to a warm smile, the casual hellos between strangers, and the sense of calm in your heart when you take in the world around you. It instantly clicks in your mind that THIS is what we are made for. This is why we are here. We must love unconditionally, completely, and fully. Love doesn’t care which princess tiara, spirit hoodie (although panda ones may be the coolest), tutu, or flower head band your wearing. So you gather the festival gear you didn’t lose, pack it all in the car, and get on your way back home to reality with your new life outlook. By the time you arrive at your destination you have made it a personal mission to spread this love so everyone can experience its amazing beauty.


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